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Biggest weapons here are Simon, Dawg and ignoring the nasty posters.

He just competed and walked around shirtless. Beau garrett nude photos. I am trying to start a new discussion forum at least once a week for Big Brother for those who want to chat about it here. Corey brooks naked. Everyone in the […]. And Corey even freaked out a bit when he thought that the reflection of his cock was picked up by one of the mirrors nearby as he was drying himself after a shower.

Thanks and Glad you are enjoying the site. Even James… Liked him in his season, but this season he appears to be just a sap, lounging all day with Natalie. Also, it is his brash arrogance towards his own game and abilities combined with his constant insults of the other houseguests that makes him a target of distain.

I would hope BB would have the cameras on somebody else […] Share this: Nominations stay the same Little has gone on so far this morning Live feed Updates will begin this afternoon. He will turn it around when Bronte spills her guts and he finds out. However, as a feed viewer, I like drama. Paulie thinks he has Paul and that can definitely manifest if both last longer. Lady sonia nude video. His disgusting disposition is a total boner killer for me…. Paulie has a chance to make Big Brother history.

Someone obviously is sketch because no one is claiming that. Yeah, you can be the physically hottest person on the planet, but once setting fire to a defenseless, innocent creature amuses you, you tie for least attractive piece of shit alive. She found a way to be a smart and strategic player, and get what she wanted.

Frank not targetting Paul yet because he sees him as easy to manipulate. Now she probably waits until after the veto ceremony and then tries to work the girl-power angle to get the vote to go against Paul. Some say its real, some say its fake. But that game requires more intelligence than Nicole has. Big Meech says well that was a fun day forgetting about game for a second. Maybe we can get a Paul and Corey showmance!

Having been a nurse for 17 years I can tell you I have worked with many dumbasses. Naked sushi pictures. That is royally fucked up. They talk about how they tried to safe Tiff. Plus Tiffany is a vote for anyone in the 8-pack except Frank. Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide. While Bronte is leading commander of the spy girls and right now are on the bottom just like Paul is having her trust can help him when one of the more smart SGs win HoH.

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But the guy is alone so when someone gives him cheese he will take it, eat it, and tell someone else how good that cheese was in hopes that person one up the other and gives him better cheese. So in the meantime she keeps him around and he picks off everyone in her alliances. Nude namitha video. Until Paul is finally not on the bottom he needs to rely information back and forth between the house hoping to gain some loyalty to certain sides.

We all know Bridgette is going to tell Frank. Or no please do. Corey brooks naked. Paulie is a idiot thinking Paul is on his side fully. I would be his number 1 and he would be my number 1. By evicting Tiff this week, the hg are giving Frank exactly what he wants. I love various martial arts, exercise, and instruments. Ricki lake lesbian. Nat this year ultimately ruining his own game. I think what is showing is that Corey walks bow-legged like a cowboy. He should have kept it to himself until after Thursday.

They dont show you the time each one had so you dont know who actually had the best time… production chooses the winner. So he has now some trust with both sides. Natalie and everyone says no. July 11, 6: Some of the house guests change into their bathing suits to get in the hot tub. It seems a lot of HGs never actually make up their minds on anything so they are thrown off by every bit of information regardless of its nature.

If Tiff goes and comes back she will realize everyone lied and then she will be overly paranoid. It was abused by 10 guys at one time. Free download xxx fucking videos. All Nicole is thinking about is Corey and occasional game talk which, like her year, will amount to nothing… Tiffany, is a replica of her sister, just more transparent.

Corey asks would you take me? Everyone is quick to make assumptions because of the first episode. If Day was smart, that is how it should be played out.

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The real issue here is she is a 32yr old woman in a house with a bunch of immature midyr old girls. And yes, I am my own boss. My intuition is always right. True to form Nicole.

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