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The Mindset of a Champion: At the cabinet behind her, and at the floor beneath her.

The pics were reportedly located on a porno site whose name is evident on one of them, the "Free Vintage Porn" Whatchamacallit site. Nude photo shoot vedio. They appear to be authentic yet we realize readers will want to review and judge for themselves and that anything is possible in a season of dirty campaign tricks.

You're on here crying about people making fun of some old dug up photos of Obama's mom naked? Moreover, if these photos actually appear where Gilbert claims they are, he should have jumped at the chance to prove it by citing the issues where they appear. She looks like she might have a nasty, hairy bush. The story is culturally interesting to be sure, although it will not have any impact on the presidential race. Obamas mom nude pictures. Sure enough, it was bullshit, and was debunked more than a year ago.

If Cindy McCain's addiction and Nancy Reagan's fortune telling and the Bush Twins partying are newsworthy items, which they aresurely reports on the risque mom of a U. Let's keep being the better party. This comment has been removed by the author. Mar 25, 1. Attorney Loren Collins who filed the FEC complaint against Gilbert demonstrated that the photos Gilbert claimed were of Dunham could not possibly have been her.

No Country for Black Men. Now classified escort. Back to Story Show Parent Thread. I know you're not doing anything illegal or morally disgusting because it's not Annbut what are you telling yourselves? So if you still want to believe that the woman in those photos is Ann Dunham, that means you also have to believe that the woman in those photos is no more than 15 years old. This picture appeared in Exotique 23, on page He was a photographer among other literary pursuits as a Marxist organizer of some note in Hawaii.

Her nose is upturned in a French fashion while her mouth is petite and heart shaped cutely and her neck lines are the same. I don't know, but she looks an awful lot like the woman who appears with Gilbert's 'Ann' in several photos in his movie.

Mar 25, 3. We do not publish naked images uncensored but the story in my view is obviously newsworthy. And btw this is low even for a RWN. Where is the post directed at otjkid about brininging up race?? Hint for uncensored pics.

She eventually gave him up to the grandparents when he was ten years old, but little is spoken about this period of Obama's life except in whispers. I strongly suspect that the reason Gilbert never identified the exact issues where the photos were published is because they were all published before Ann Dunham moved to Hawaii, proving that whoever is in the photos can't be her.

Wow, these people have no respect.

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She's holding a toy or something. You might like to watch crime shows, but how much do you actually know about real police work?

PoloHoleSet, I don't get it, what is your complaint, is it about the question or the note about the possibility of the pictures to be from an earlier date? I travel for work, which makes it a little more bearable, but when I got home yesterday, there she is, and she has something she wants to show me.

If you are going to post false hoods, you should be aware that people reading this also have access to other photos showing the two women, Anne Dunham and the other one in your article posing together.

So who am I going to believe? It was her friends, all vowing to spread the photos everywhere. Naked women normal. That uniqueness makes the world go 'round! WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi -- a longtime promoter of Gilbert who really should know better, given how he repeated a separate Gilbert claim about Obama's wedding ring that was so wrong even Corsi's fellow birthers felt obliged to debunk it -- was more than happy to oblige Gilbert's persecution complex, and he played it up accordingly: Is there a problem with that?

I don't know why this should have offended me worse than all the other bullshit. I find it incredible you don't know that. Obamas mom nude pictures. Curiously, Gilbert or his financial backers were able to marshal some high-powered legal help to battle the FEC. Nude Pictures of Obamas Mother 43 posts 1 2 3 4 5 Next.

Go to mobile site. It doesn't seem to affect his shirt as though he's holding it in between. Gawker Media, a liberal-leaning yet respected media giant beat us to this story. Again that was in Bizarro World where the President evidently had no young pics of himself with mom and HAD to photoshop her in for no important reason whatsoever. Paige turnah lesbian sex. Let's keep being the better party. You want them to be fake bcuz Barack is part black and you identify with that, but nevertheless the photos are real.

Creatas via Getty Images. He refused to disclose who funded the film's wide mailings.

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The Hollywood Reporter said, "He did not use an expert, however, to support his finding. Anonymous October 5, at 8: Normally when one posts a quote they also post a link. But also, you'll be completely sleep-deprived and get something lovingly referred to as "mom brain. So be sure to keep an eye out for those to come. They were lower in heigh, usually black and had pointed toes.

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In his memoir, Obama had noted that his grandfather Stanley Dunham and Davis were friends in Hawaii, and both had grown up in Kansas. All natural tits pictures. I consulted with the owner of a fansite for these magazines, who checked and confirmed that Gilbert's photos are nowhere to be seen in these issues. Separate names with a comma.

We don't hear enough about them. If you're still iffy, here's another comparison between the only character dressed like the mysterious woman above and Ann Dunham herself taken at a US Embassy:.

We "should" be able to trust what our President tells us, but he has no credibility anymore. SIMEL - we're dealing with whether a claim has any credibility. Halloween nude photos JeffreyNotGeoffreyJul 17, Retrieved from " https: A Story of Reds and Deception," during the election campaign. The Hollywood Reporter said, "He did not use an expert, however, to support his finding. Since we really don't know who Obama is, why don't we DNA test him?

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